Reggie Yates Meets World (4 x 60')

Writer-filmmaker Reggie Yates investigates some of the most powerful movements, pressing issues, and viral trends affecting young people today. Each episode, Reggie will be fully immersed into these exotic worlds for five days in order to dig deep into these controversial topics and be pushed to his absolute limit.

For too long many national issues have been ignored or downplayed and Reggie isn’t going to let them snowball into global dilemmas. He will uncover the complex truth in a variety of controversies ranging from cult-like churches, destructive entertainment industries, video-gamers endangering themselves and terrifying cosmetic trends. Reggie’s down-to-earth style makes him an easy confidant for people with secrets to share as he searches for understanding and not outrage. He breaks down the topics and struggles of young people with a unique clarity and charm.

Living in these communities first hand will help Reggie to decide if these issues have been overblown or perhaps they are worse than we could have imagined.