Operation Whale (2 x 60')

In a two-hour documentary special, Ben Fogle and Ellie Harrison embark on a remarkable adventure in search of marine giants that visit the British Isles every year. From Fin Whales the size of buses to 3-metre long predatory sharks, the pair come face-to-face with some of the ocean’s most elusive and spectacular wildlife, witnessing the very first whale-fall experiment to take place in the UK, observing what happens when a 7-ton humpback whale dies and drops to the bottom of the ocean.
Whales are the largest and most majestic creatures in our oceans. When one of these beautiful creatures dies, it gives one final gift to the ocean. A single whale can feed more than a million mouths, drawing creatures from sharks to killer whales to the feast. OPERATION WHALE reveals how this great ocean event is vital to the marine food chain as an array of cameras (including deep sea robotic vehicles) chart the diverse range of marine life that visit the carcass, including scores of Blue Sharks.