Oddbods Special: Party Monsters (1 x 30')

Slick thought his coolness was costume enough for Jeff’s spooky-themed costume party.
Jeff isn’t having it and insists Slick must wear a costume so offers him what little choice he has on-hand.
Not exactly “spooky”, Slick is transformed into the world’s favourite detective: Sherlock Holmes!

Thankfully for Slick, his costume mishap goes largely unnoticed thanks to the antics of Marv “the most marvelous”
Magician. Hired to inject some magic into Jeff’s party his act is a total disaster, made worse by the distractive antics of Pogo,
and after one humiliation too many, the bitter magician unleashes a powerful spell – cursing everyone in the
room to become their spooky alter egos!

As events quickly spiral out of control, Slick must use all his wits and detective skills to track down his Oddbod
friends who have foraged out into the wider community. With werewolf attacks, flying witches and a ketchup
obsessed vampire causing chaos, Slick is caught in a race against time to find the disgruntled magician and
break the spell so he can save his Oddsville from his friends, and his friends from themselves!