My Extreme… Life (9 x 60')

It’s hard enough for young people to find their place in the world. But for some, whether they’re coping with a psychological illness or are facing major challenges, just getting through each day can be a struggle. This powerful series of one-off documentaries uncovers the reality of these extreme lives, giving a voice to those experiencing these often misunderstood but hugely impactful conditions and situations. Each episode covers a different topic, spending time with three or four contributors to get inside their minds and under the skin of their difficult day-to-day lives.

Told first-hand, their stories reveal worlds of significant challenges, troubled relationships and shifting family dynamics, but also incredible triumph against adversity. Insightful, sensitive and revealing, the series witnesses the private battles and public challenges faced by these extraordinary young people, who are just like the rest of us, but who must overcome even more daily obstacles to make the most of their extreme lives.