Made In Britain (6 x 60')

When you take a bite of chocolate or a sip of tea, how often do you consider the massive amount of work and technology that went into that food? Join Lord John Prescott on a manufacturing journey of discovery as he examines the inner workings of factories producing famous food and drinks.

John offers a comprehensive look at the entire production process of various foods ranging from sausages, chocolate, cheese, and pork pies. He learns of the massive quantities of food being created (2,000 sausages a minute) and the intricate engineering needed to keep production chugging along.
While the high-tech machines and immense output of these factories are impressive, John never loses sight of the true stars of the show: the workers at these proud family businesses. Each episode, he presents the history behind the food and discovers trade secrets from the owners themselves. After every fascinating factory visit, he always makes sure to go home with a gift at hand to share his experiences with his doting wife Pauline.