Greatest Celebrity Wind-Ups Ever! (3 x 60')

Comedian and presenter Joe Pasquale narrates this celebration of the Greatest Celebrity Wind-Ups Ever! Featuring a glittering line-up of A-list stars, this hilarious series reveals an array of ingenious and elaborate large-scale practical jokes alongside first-hand accounts from the brains behind the pranks and the unfortunate stars on the receiving end…

We’ll also see singer Demi Lovato winding up a super-fan and Zac Efron taking a car journey he’ll never forget. Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks his fans dressed as the Terminator at Madame Tussauds, tennis ace Andy Murray pretends to be a bartender at Wimbledon and soccer superstar Ronaldo gives a small boy an unforgettable surprise. The series also showcases pranks featuring Selena Gomez, Anthony Joshua, Chris Evans, Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran.