Fatal Attraction (1 x 60')

When it comes to a battle of brawn, the lion’s lust for buffalo is the ultimate showdown. Lions are legendary predators and with the support of the pride, they use teamwork and formidable strength to bring down their favorite quarry. A large male buffalo can outweigh a lion four times. He has huge horns, reinforced with bone and reputedly; he’s the most aggressive animal on the African savanna. He’s not an easy target, but if they can bring him down, his bulk can feed the pride for almost a week, so risking their lives is worth the generous meal.

For both predator and prey, evolution has equally honed their tools to kill and their skills to defend – it’s levelled the playing field, maximizing the chances at survival on either side. A 50/50 chance of succeeding in a hunt isn’t great odds, but it means that half the time, the prey wins and survives. Even in the African wilderness, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.