MIPTV: ‘Thunderstruck’ By Bomanbridge

The Singapore-based Bomanbridge Media distributes programming that ranges from drama and mystery, to nature and wildlife, to kids and animation. Where Spiders Dwell explores the astonishing places where different types of arachnids live and how they adapt in the face of hostility. The animated series Hanakappa tells the story of a little kappa boy who lives in a village with friends, family, and some naughty foes. Buddy Thunderstruck (pictured) is a truck-racing dog that brings outrageous, high-octane adventures to the town of Greasepit. Twelve contestants will live in the Gamerz House where they will be tested in daily interactive eSports challenges and matches. World Cup Postcards takes viewers on a tour of the 2018 FIFA World Cup’s host country, where the nation’s culture and history are displayed. Stand P-1.E18

Credit: Video Age

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