Bomanbridge Media Takes Kids to China

Singapore  February 9, 2016:  Leading Singapore-based production/distribution agency, Bomanbridge Media, announced multiple sales of children’s content to several Chinese companies for major kids’ properties.

Television Broadcasts Limited – HK SAR acquired two shows: AG Properties’ animation Care Bears and Cousins about the adventures of the iconic bears in the magical land of Care-a-Lot!; and Odd Squad from Canadian producer, Sinking Ship – an Emmy Award winning, live-action comedy about two kids who work for a government agency and who are equipped with the world’s most advanced gadgetry.  Uyoung Culture and Media Co. Ltd  in China acquired animated pre-school program Rob the Robot (Producer Amberwood Ent./One Animation Singapore) about a robot who explores the galaxy with his friends; while Jiangsu Broadcasting Corp’s Youman Animation Channel in China took the unique cardboard creativity show, Box Yourself created by Earthtree Media.

BesTV in China also acquired from Bomanbridge Media several Earthtree titles: Box Yourself, Learn to Draw, Learn to Draw ABC, Learn to Draw Minis,  Box Yourself Minis. All shows will be streamed FVOD.  ATV in Hong Kong, scheduled to close in the next year, acquired the animated Atomic Betty (Distribution 360) about 12 year old super hero girl leading a double life as a normal student.

“Bomanbridge is delighted to be sharing these great children’s programs with our partners in the region.  Iconic shows such as Care Bears™, Atomic Betty, Rob the Robot, Box Yourself and Odd Squad are shows loved around the globe and will be thoroughly embraced in Asia as well.  Bomanbridge prides itself on bringing our broadcast partners fabulous family shows that engage, enrich and entertain, and this slate of programs represents some of our best,” said Aegena Tay, CEO of Bomanbridge Media.

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