Bomanbridge Media Represents ‘Majestic Mosques’ For Distribution

Bomanbridge Media offers the co-production Majestic Mosques as part of its wide-ranging catalog.

The Singapore-based distribution and production agency oversees international distribution for the documentary, which was recently picked up by Discovery Networks Asia and aired in April. Co-produced by Bomanbridge and Sabbatical Entertainment, Majestic Mosques explores some of the most renowned mosques in the world and shares stories of tradition, spirituality, and culture.

Sonia Fleck, CEO of Bomanbridge Media, remarked, “We are hoping that despite the global lockdowns around the world, people can still find innovative and meaningful ways to celebrate the current and upcoming holidays with family and friends. Majestic Mosques is a title created to mark the Ramadan season and hopefully this program can still allow communities to visually, even if they cannot physically do so.”

Source: VideoAge International



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