Bomanbridge Media Goes on Buying Spree for High End, 4K and VR Docs Exclusive Asian Distribution for Italy’s Nexo Digital Documentaries

Singapore November 22, 2016:  Bomanbridge Media, a Singapore-based content distribution and production agency announced the acquisition of  3 high-end, 4K documentaries, including one shot with VR technology, produced by Italy’s Nexo Digital. These experiential programs provide audiences with a brilliant and realistic, exclusive tour of famous Italian treasures and venues.

St. Peter and the Papal Basilicas of Rome (produced by Sky 3D and the Vatican Television Centre (CTV) in collaboration with Nexo Digital, Magnitudo Film and Sky Arte HD) is a cutting-edge VR, 4K experience taking viewers on an interactive, immersive tour. The power of technology has now made it possible to capture amazing images from completely new and exclusive points of view, employing the use of helicopters and mechanical arms to capture extraordinary visuals. Four renowned experts showcase the Basilicas and the works of art contained in them. Audiences will feel like they are actually inside the famous cathedral with 360° views. Listed as one of the 25 most visited places on earth, this famous location holds many famous works of art from masters Giotto, Bramante, Michelangelo, Francesco Borromini, Bernini, Domenico Fontana and more.

Leonardo Davinci: The Genius In Milan:  In Spring 2015 Milan paid tribute to Leonardo Davinci by holding an exhibition at the Palazzo Reale. The 4K film Leonardo da Vinci – The Genius in Milan, was created from this event with documentary interviews and mise-en-scènes telling the story of the artist’s world and the treasures he left. Viewers are welcomed by curator, Pietro Marani, along with experts who tell the story of Leonardo the artist and scientist; and prominent, historical figures of the Renaissance such as Ludovico il Moro, Beatrice d’Este, Cecilia Gallerani and Salaì, a truly legendary period in the city’s history.

Florence and the Uffizi Gallery is a beautifully filmed 4K tour of the city that was once the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence and the Uffizi Gallery ensuring a totally immersive and unique experience – allowing the audience to see, listen, feel and savor the most outstanding and celebrated breeding ground of creativity in the history of art.

“Bomanbridge is pleased to acquire the extremely gorgeous, high-end and high technology, Nexo Digital documentaries. These programs are breathtaking, intriguing and informative, and make one feel like they are actually walking with Leonardo and his contemporaries, discovering the beauty of the time.  When I saw these exquisite docs, some of the best in the world, I knew immediately that they belonged in the Bomanbridge catalog. Our Asian audiences have an increasing appetite for sophisticated programming and are sure to embrace these shows,” said Sonia Fleck, CEO of Bomanbridge Media.


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