Bomanbridge Media Announces Multiple Care Bears™ Sales

June 3, 2015 Singapore: Singapore-based, international distribution and production agency, Bomanbridge Media, announced the sale of several Care Bears’ TV movies and series for American Greetings Properties (AGP), sold to Thai broadcaster, Bec Tero.

Thailand’s Bec Tero acquired the following titles:

Care Bears Series: Adventures in Care-a-Lot (2D – 26×30); Care Bears Classic Series (2D -52 x 30)
Care Bear TV Movies: Adventures in Wonderland (2D-1×75);  Big Wish (2-1 x75); Care Bears: The Giving Festival (3D 1 x75); Care Bears: Share Bear Shines (3D- 1 x75); Care Bears: To the Rescue (3D- 1×75).

“Bomanbridge is delighted to be working with the ever-popular Care Bears series and movies in Asia. We are known around the entire region for bringing the best quality Kids’ programming to our broadcast partners and the Care Bears iconic shows are sure to delight kids in Thailand,” said Sonia Fleck, CEO of Bomanbridge Media.

“We are thrilled to have the Care Bears library available to our fans in Thailand,” said Karen Vermeulen, Head of Global Sales & Co-Production, AGP. “We have a clear growth strategy anchored by entertainment, and working with Bomanbridge to broadcast on Bec Tero, further supports that strategy.”


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