Asian entrepreneur series ANGELS GATE to launch in France

SINGAPORE 28nd April 2013 – Ahead of MIPTV2013, Bomanbridge Media is proud to announce that an agreement has been reached with TF1 France’s E TF1, for the first ever sale of a Singaporean 360 Transmedia format, “ANGEL’S GATE”. Optioned in multiple territories and originally produced for pan regional broadcast in Asia, Sonia Fleck, CEO of Bomanbridge, is excited to announce this historic sale on behalf of creativity generating out of Singapore. She added, “With a background in France of top international entrepreneur formats not making it to air, or with little success, the sale in France lends even further credibility to “Angels Gate”. The current economic recession has caused this show in particular to resonate very strongly with broadcasters in Europe and the USA. The unique and powerful Online and Transmedia convergence allows for a fantastic return on investment, as well as gives the audience a new form of decision making power through crowdfunding. We have been pitching this format under the radar over the last 12 months, and only to select broadcasting partners. The product is a guaranteed success and we need the best of the best on board. With the handful of deals we now have in place, we are ready to open up conversations with the greater broadcasting community. This format dares the community to be bold, to claim their right to entrepreneurial success and with community momentum, it can happen. Our message to entrepreneurs is to be proud, there is hope.”



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