Crusoe (13 x 60')

An exhilarating adaptation of Daniel Defoe’s classic novel, Robinson Crusoe. This gripping adventure series finds Crusoe fighting for survival on a desert island with only his wits to protect him.

We meet Robinson Crusoe as a young child, and follow his transition from boy to man, growing into a naïve yet ambitious family man. Debts, treacherous business associates and an increasingly unstable political climate force him to flee England. He must protect not only his own life but that of his young family and his beautiful wife, Susannah. Leaving them under the watchful eye of family friend and benefactor, Jeremiah Blackthorn, Crusoe makes a hasty departure.

Making his exit on a ship bound for a new life, Crusoe is caught in a devastating storm and suspects himself the only survivor, as he reaches the haven of an island. Drawing on his ingenuity, Crusoe makes a home for himself as he settles into his unstable island life. A home which grows into a magnificent fort high in the trees complete with gadgets and booby traps where he and Friday, a man he had saved from the clutches of cannibals, battle to stay alive

Life on the island begins to reveal wonders that neither of them had bargained for as everything from treasure hunting sailors, exotic beauties, phantom pistols and buried treasure cross their paths. His desire to return to his wife and his strong and unlikely friendship with Friday are the only things that keep him sane.

Meanwhile, back in London, Blackthorn’s intentions are revealed as being less than honourable when he partners with Samuel Tuffley, Susannah’s brother and Crusoe’s inequitable business partner, as they seek to divide the Crusoe family and their assets for good. Despite consensus and pressure to take sides, Susannah is convinced that her husband lives. Standing by Robinson means Susannah is shunned by her family and banished to an asylum, her children cruelly taken from her. When word gets to Blackthorn that Crusoe is still alive, despite his best efforts, the hunt is on to finish what he started.

With every hope of escape dashed, will Crusoe ever make it back home to his beloved family and bring honour back to the Crusoe name?

Part MacGyver, part Castaway and part Pirates of the Caribbean, this is a contemporary morality tale about love, friendship and personal discovery. Crusoe is an aspirational story of survival, rife with action and comedy.