Atomic Cover-Up (1 x 60')

This gripping and deeply moving film reveals the full story of how shocking footage of human suffering, shot in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the atomic bombings in 1945, was hidden by the US for decades.

‘Atomic Cover-Up’ tells this unique story of creation and suppression from the inside, backed up by compelling testimony from the men who filmed or directed the footage. It remains deeply significant today. Nuclear dangers are again skyrocketing and tens of thousands of nuclear warheads remain.  Perhaps things could have been different if the footage revealed in this film had been released in 1945. Instead, North Korea continues its missile tests while the US threatens to pull out of arms control treaties and begin nuclear testing again. America’s “first-strike” policy is also still in effect, bolstered by enduring support in the US for the horrific use of the bombs against two cities in Japan.